1000 Programs Executed 300M Reach Wide 250K Members Wide

Who we are

SheSpeaks launched in 2008 as a platform to amplify women’s voices.

We are the largest community of female influencers, reaching 300 million consumers per month, through brand programs designed and executed to drive real impact.

We are the voice of female consumers and influencers.

We help brands build insights, content, and awareness – all powered by our amazing community.

We make it easy for our clients.

We are an Award-winning Influencer Platform, with over 250 thousand members.

What we deliver

What makes us different

Our sales driven campaigns use our abundance of detailed profile data, our superior insights and research, and our proven ability to scale.

With over 1,000 programs executed, we are experts in influencer marketing.

Meet the Team


Aliza Freud

Aliza is passionate about using storytelling to build awareness and advocacy for brands

svp client

Carol Milliron

Carol loves talking to clients everyday and helping design and execute programs that exceed their expectations

vp retail & shopper

Missy Tiller

Based in Northwest Arkansas, Missy works with our Shopper Marketing and Retail clients plan their Influencer Marketing campaigns to reach their business objectives 

director clIENT

Emily Morgan

Emily focuses on content development and social media strategy to bring impactful campaigns to life