Marketing During a Crisis: Now and Post Coronavirus [Wave 5]

SheSpeaks Coronavirus Survey Wave 5

In an effort to better understand how shoppers are reacting to the impact of the Coronavirus, SheSpeaks asked women age 18+ across the US to share their thoughts and experiences related to sentiment, attitude and purchase behavior. We shared these results at a webinar with the Supplier Community on Thursday, May 7th.

This is the fifth survey in our series related to Shopper behavior since the country began to shut down in mid-March.

[Prior Coronavirus Shopper Surveys: Waves 1&2, Wave 3, Wave 4]

SheSpeaks latest survey was fielded online:

  • On May 1-5, 2020 and 1,458 respondents completed the survey
  • Throughout this report we will compare current results to the prior wave conducted on April 17th

Topline Findings

Shoppers Have Come to Terms with the New Normal of Coronavirus: Although 58% of shoppers say that they feel “Uncertain” they are less Anxious (-36%) more Hopeful (+17%) and Calmer (+28%) vs. April 17th survey .

Shopping Are Changing Habits and Some Will Persist Post Coronavirus Crisis: They are spending 62% more time cooking at home and they are enjoying it! 72% plan to continue cooking meals at home more than they before the Coronavirus crisis.

Tipping Point for shopping Online for Groceries: Shoppers have become more comfortable shopping online for groceries with delivery at home or in-store pick up. Shoppers have shifted away from in-store purchasing and 24% expect to continue this trend post Coronavirus crisis.

Favorite Brands Are Being Replaced: Due to more limited availability of products during the Coronavirus crisis, shoppers have had to buy replacements brands. Close to 30% plan to continue to buy the replacements they have been using post the Coronavirus crisis.

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