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How to Maximize Influencer Content ROI

Brands like Coca-Cola see strong ROI when utilizing influencer content on retail partner sites. If you use influencers to create content for your brand, you can use that content to help sell product on retail partner sites. Shoppers love seeing your product featured in influencer/user content. Influencer content integrated into retail sites sees at 2X…


2016: The Year of Overall Health and Wellness

This Post Originally Appeared In MediaPost: Marketing CPG By Morgan Buell Monday, Jan. 11, 2016 The 2016 ball has dropped, the holiday presents have been organized and put away, and the resolutions are in full-effect. But have you noticed something different about this year? Well, get ready. This is the year that physical fitness will be…

Food Brands

How Food Brands Can Win Over Female Shoppers

Originally published at MediaPost Marketing: CPG. By Aliza Freud It’s a typical Tuesday evening at Jackie’s house in Madison, Wisc. Jackie, 36, is watching her daughter, Lucy, 6 ,and son, James, 5, push their dinner around their plates. “Why aren’t you eating? Jackie asks. “Because you make the same thing all the time. Can’t we…